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The Eik server is a node.js application distributed as the @eik/service NPM package. It aims to be runnable as a service out of the box but still be flexible and customizable enough to suite a wide range of infrastructures needs.

The only pre-requirement to run the Eik server is node.js 12.x or newer.

The fastest way to get a running instance of the Eik server is by using NPX:

npx @eik/service

This will install the latest Eik server and start it at http://localhost:4001. By default all uploaded assets will be stored in a sub-folder of the OS temp directory (NOTE: they will be lost when the OS clears the temp directory). The default authentication key is change_me.


Customized setup

The Eik service builds upon Fastify and is in addition to being a standalone server also exposed as a Fastify plugin. This makes it extremely flexible and easy to set up a custom Eik service.

Example of a custom server using the sink for Google Cloud Storage and extending the HTTP API with custom ready checks:

const fastify = require('fastify');
const Service = require('@eik/service');
const Sink = require('@eik/sink-gcs');

// Set up the Google Cloud Storage sink
const sink = new Sink(...);

// Set up the Eik service as a plugin
const service = new Service({ customSink: sink });

// Set up Fastify
const app = fastify({
ignoreTrailingSlash: true,
modifyCoreObjects: false,
trustProxy: true,

// Register the Eik service in Fastify

// Append custom HTTP ready checks
app.get('/_/health', (request, reply) => {

app.get('/_/ready', (request, reply) => {

// Start the server
const run = async () => {
await app.listen(service.config.get('http.port'), service.config.get('http.address'));